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Filming "Search and Explore" - artist James Muir

Destination Coromandel (local marketing agency) wanted to showcase towns and surrounds throughout The Coromandel at a deeper level. Hoping this would encourage visitors (and locals) to look around a little more, hence Search and Explore. The brief was essentially a visual map with place names and coordinates to help travellers plan their journey. Armed with a lengthy shot list including demanding transition sequences between scenes, the filming schedule required a camera crew that could produce quality results on the fly...



James Muir is well known in the local film scene having picked up awards for River Dog and also putting together local promo videos for the likes of Lukes Kitchen. James has also been filming a documentary on Coromandel Kauri, a project close to his heart. James had to wrap it all up before he took off to Antartica for another project...tough gig!

 James Muir Filming Coromandel


How long have you been filming?

I have been working in film and television since graduating with a Masters in Natural History filmmaking in 2011.


Do you do other creative work?

I take still images and also make illustrations and paintings. My images are on Instagram @naturesocietyfilm


Where do you live, and why?

I'm based in Matarangi/Kuaotunu. I live here because I love the small community, also the beaches, fresh seafood, bush and wildlife. It's paradise.


What attracted you to The Coromandel?

The kiwi way of life is alive and well in The Coromandel. It's a naturally stunning place and provides lots of inspiration. It's also one of the best places to raise kids and live a well balanced lifestyle.


Whats you favourite thing to do in TheCoromandel?

Watch the sun set over the ranges whilst eating a Pizza from Luke's and enjoying an Ale from Blue Fridge Brewery.


If you could name one #goodforyoursoul spot, where would it be?

Being in the presence of one of the giant Kauri of The Coromandel...these are some of the oldest living things on earth, truly stunning.


What has been the best ting about working on the "Search and Explore" series?

Meeting amazing people and seeing some of the most incredible places that I'm lucky enough to have in my backyard. The people here are generous and welcoming, the landscapes... unreal.


What has been the hardest thing about filming the "Search and Explore" series?

The weather, the forecast can be pretty fickle at times. And when it's sunny on one side it can be raining on the other.  Bad weather will often pass quickly. But whenever you make a change it effects logistics for the whole schedule which can be tricky and adds to the driving time. But that's life in a subtropical environment...plenty of rainbows!

Coromandel Forest Whangapoua 

Moments of serendipidity?

The most serendipitous moment for me was when we drove past Kaiaua Marae and the waka was being made ready to launch. My daughter 3 at the time) was with us and I turned around and went to introduce myself and ask permission to film the waka launch. We got to film and spend the morning at the beach with local families. A great filming opportunity and a great experience for all of us especially my daughter.

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