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Destination Management Plan (DMP)

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Forever Hauraki Coromandel

What is destination management?  It is the process of leading, influencing and coordinating the management of all elements that make up a destination, including the attractions, amenities, access, marketing and infrastructure.  This process takes into account the needs of all parties – visitors, local residents, mana whenua, business and the environment.

The Destination Management Plan encompasses a holistic vision shared by all members of our region.  It is a guiding framework, to ensure consistency of future planning and can be used by all members of our region, including community groups, iwi and Councils.

The evolving role of Destination Coromandel. Traditionally, as a Regional Tourism Organisation, Destination Coromandel has been tasked with destination marketing to bring as many visitors as possible to the region, increase visitor spending, and support tourism operators to develop new and innovative attractions in the region.  The impacts of Covid-19 have resulted in time for reflection within the New Zealand tourism industry, with the realisation that this volume-based model no longer serves our people and our environment well.

In consultation with our stakeholders, we are evolving into a Destination Management Organisation (DMO), with this DMP at the heart of our business planning.  As a DMO it is our job to help establish a competitive edge for the destination, ensure long-term sustainability and protection of our environment, advocate for community needs, strengthen institutional governance, and build a strong and vibrant brand identity around Hauraki Coromandel.  

We also need to find ways to make tourism deeply sustainable, so that visitors help improve our economy, our environment, communities and cultures, while still providing a “good for your soul” experience for the visitor.

Developing Forever Hauraki Coromandel 

DMP Timeline 202223

Please help us by sharing your view on how you would like Hauraki Coromandel to look for our future generations.

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