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The Coromandel i-SITE Visitor Centres

You've arrived in The Coromandel. Welcome! We couldn’t be happier to have you here. Now’s the time to make the most of your visit. That’s where an i-SITE will help.

i-SITEs are the official visitor centres here in New Zealand. At i-SITE, you'll get:

  • the best local tips about where to go and how to get there
  • the inside word on all our secret spots and hidden gems
  • hassle-free help for booking your activities, accommodation and transport.

And you'll get that help for free, from a friendly team of locals who know the region inside-out.

Our Coromandel i-SITEs: Thames and Whitianga

We've got two i-SITE Visitor Centres here in The Coromandel: Thames and Whitianga. Both will help you with anything you need to do around the region. Plus, they’ll help you with anything else you want to do around New Zealand. Bookings, advice—they know it all.

Make your once-in-a-lifetime trip all that it can be. Stop in at an i-SITE.

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Whitianga i-SITE Visitor Information Centre
66 Albert Street | Whitianga
Email us today: [email protected]

call now +64 7 866 5555

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Thames i-SITE Visitor Information Centre
200 Mary Street | Thames
Email us today: [email protected]

 call now +64 7 868 7284

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