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Giving more than we take

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Our respect for nature and our beautiful environment unites us in The Coromandel, it’s why we are here.

It’s a place where nature and people connect, a place that gives back, that is forever good for your soul.

We love welcoming our family and friends here and we all want to preserve those special qualities that draw us to The Coromandel. Not to keep this place the same, but to leave it better than when we arrived.

Simple every day actions help us do this together.

• No need to forge our own track taking shortcuts, just enjoy the walk. 

• Stick to slides in our playgrounds not in our fragile sand dunes. There’s a walkway to the 
beach nearby. 

• Scrub shoes and bikes going in and out of the forest to protect our kauri from diseases. 


• We are surrounded by water, but we don’t store a lot. Please use just what you need. 

• We make it work with short showers, full wash loads, tap off while brushing teeth. 

• Ask your host not to change your sheets and towels every day. 


• Fish for dinner not the daily legal catch limit. You can always release that extra one or give it to the neighbours. 

• Some of our fisheries are closed to recover, so make sure you know where you can go. 


• Wash the boat on the lawn - no soap down the drain! 

• Boaties, don’t spread killer seaweed; check the rules before heading to Aotea Great 
Barrier and Ahuahu Great Mercury Islands. 

• Pick up after pets.


• Dotterel nest on our beaches, so keep dogs on leads, away from marked nesting areas. 

• Kiwi live in our forest, so have aversion training for your dog, keep her on a lead and 
mind the signs. 

• A bell on a cat’s collar will save birds, geckos and skinks.


• Take home trash from the trail and the beach. 

• Keep cups are the go, we’re not keen on single-use cups here. 

• Or single-use anything really. Say No to plastics – of all sorts.


• Buy from our growers and artisans - better value and lower carbon footprint. 

• Keeping it in the neighbourhood economy helps our people thrive. 

• Give time to one of the many community organisations cleaning up our environment. 

Immerse yourself in The Coromandel way of life while you are here, and do things our way.


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