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Coromandel Pure Honey


Our bees are busy making delicious Manuka and Multiflora honey on the slopes of Mount Pauanui,
Available online and at Information Centres around The Coromandel.


Coromandel Pure Honey is a small boutique family owned business established in 2015. We are passionate about the environment and welfare of Bees.
In one of the most pristine locations on Earth, The Coromandel, New Zealand, our hives are nestled amongst rich sources of native and exotic plants to fuel the bees honey production. Our bees produce some outstanding Manuka and multiflora honey.  We have chosen and planted an abundance of exotic floras for our bees which gives our Manuka Honey a unique taste compared to other Manuka and multiflora blends.

In summer, the team also offers beetours.

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