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The Coromandel, Where Kiwis Holiday

Kiwis are at their best when they are on holiday in The Coromandel. Breathe in accessible beauty at a leisurely pace, take a break from your every day and start living life as it should be.

Packing up the car, togs, rods and books, bikes on the back, scooters in the boot and setting off.  Is there any better feeling?
Stopping off at the wayside cafe, a walk to the waterfall and a play in the park, a smoothie in the warm sun and the smell of the sea.

It’s easy to organise, there is no plan, just the people who mean the most and the big outdoors. The simplicity of a getaway in The Coromandel - that's why it's where kiwis holiday.Where Kiwis Holiday horizontal blk

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