Exhibition - "A Stitch In Time: Portraits & Panoramas"

  •  Mon 01 Oct 2018 8:30am - Sat 03 Nov 2018 3:00am
  •   Carson’s Gallery, 600 Pollen St, Thames
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A Stitch In Time: Portraits and Panoramas 

Artist: Deb Shepherd

As an artist, I strive to create my view of a particular aspect of the world that inspires me to experiment with forms and techniques, like the collection of free motion stitched portraits, panoramas and native birds of NZ that make up this exhibition.I take my inspiration from life and things that create an enthusiastic response in my psyche. This can be anything from music, film, people, nature and emotions. My inspiration starts a process of creativity centred around a particular subject or collective.My art work evolves from brainstorming ideas around a given subject, alongside extensive research, enabling me to get to know the subject matter in some depth. Then through design development in my journal, experimenting with fabric, stitch and colour sampling, the composition begins to take shape. I begin each piece of art by priming the canvas and adding print, collaged text or drawn imagery, then working with acrylic paints and glazes to add marks, texture and depth to the ground. The main subject now takes shape through free motion stitch onto silk, allowing my sewing machine needle to act as my pen, enabling me to draw freely with lines of thread. When completed, the stitched silk is painted, before finally being stitched to the backing canvas and then stretched onto the frame.What you see is a vision from my heart. One that fleetingly lingered long enough to excite and inspire me to create a unique work of stitched art.

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Carson's Gallery, 600 Pollen Street
New Zealand

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