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Visitors - Join us as we host The Endeavour once again and Discover, Explore, Share our place with you.

Locals – Get involved in the biggest commemorative event in our history. Share your ideas and help plan local events for the Cook 250 celebrations.

What are the Mercury Bay 250 Celebrations about?

Cook’s crew and a scientific party including an astronomer, an artist and botanists led by Sir Joseph Banks arrived in The Coromandel to explore, discover and form relationships in uncharted land.

Mercury Bay was one of four landing sites in New Zealand which will all be visited by a replica of the Endeavour ship in 2019.

  • From Purangi, now known as Cooks Beach, Cook recorded an astrological event called the Transit of Mercury. This would establish the geographic co-ordinates of New Zealand, thereby giving Aotearoa its place in the world.
  • Cook named the area Mercury Bay -  a legacy from a navigator and his scientific party who made significant discoveries here.
  • The Te-Whanganui-a-Hei 250 commemoration draws together town centre projects and cultural exchanges that celebrate Mercury Bay as a place of navigation and exploration.
  • 2015 is the planning phase of events that focus on navigation, geography, astronomy and sciences that help us to understand the world around us.
  • These events and projects will incorporate Maori and Pakeha perspectives.

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