Mercury Bay 250 Cook's Journey

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Mercury Bay will play a significant role in celebrations to mark the 250th year since Captain James Cook made his first landfall in New Zealand - as it was one of four locations where Europeans and Māori first met 250 years ago in October 1769.

The 250th anniversary commemorations has been given the Maori name Tuia, meaning to weave together, symbolising bringing people together in unity

On Cook’s first voyage, the Endeavour and its crew spent 12 days forging relationships with the local tribe Ngati Hei, who, after a tragic first start with the death of a tribe member, welcomed the navigator and showed them their pa on the headland at Wharekaho, Simpsons Beach. This was the first time that a European had been shown a Maori pa, and it was documented in journals with drawings and explanations from Cook’s journey.

Mercury Bay 250 Cook's Journey

November 2019 is the 250th anniversary of Captain James Cook’s Great First Voyage of 1769 to Te Whanganui a Hei (Mercury Bay) on The Coromandel.

Visitors - Join us as we host The Endeavour once again and Discover, Explore, Share our place with you.

Locals – Get involved. Email us to be part of organising the biggest commemorative event in our history. Share your ideas and help plan local events for the Cook 250 celebrations.  Or find out more with TCDC.

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